Profile of a property investor

The typical residential property investor in Australia is married, owns the rental property in partnership with a spouse, is 45 years of age and was born in Australia.

How many australians own investment property and do they provide a benefit to society?

Six percent of the adult population of Australia owns a residential investment property and they provide housing to over one million Australian families.

How many properties do they own?

Sevent eight percent of investors own one property only. Thirteen percent of investors own two properties and only nine percent of investors (or 0.54% of the adult population ) own three or more properties.

Do they live near their investment?

Seventy nine percent of investors live in the same geographic region as their investment and three percent own their investment interstate.

Are they wealthy?

Forty four percent of investors have a taxable income below $25,000p.a. Twenty two percent have a taxable income between $25,000 and $38,000 p.a. and thirty four percent have a taxable income above $38,000 p.a.

Why do they invest?

The most common reason for buying a rental property is that it is a secure long term investment. Investors want financial independence and security. They do not have to rely on an aged pension.

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21 Jun 2019